Amber Antonelli

Growing up in Northern California in an Italian foodie family, Amber has been cooking since she was a kid. This passion and awareness for food grew quickly into her life-long career, in restaurants, wellness centers and private in homes. During her travels- Amber became acutely aware at how much our diets in this country need to be nurtured and changed. Through her Miami and Austin based company The Naked Bite, she and her passionate chefs help connect people with dynamic, conscious cuisine that is unique and exciting to eat. Their mission is to reveal how versatile and delicious plant-inspired eating can be, no matter who you are, or where you live. Amber cooks it all, but her intention through her recipes, videos and chef services is to help make plants the BEST thing on your plate, so that you’ll want to choose them more often, and love eating them one NAKED bite at a time!