Arby Barroso, co founder of Green Roads is an Entrepreneur, Cannabis Industry Guru, Radio Personality, and most importantly is committed to this growing industry. As a respected industry entrepreneur and educational expert; Arby is working to teach and promote the benefits of CBD and dispel myths resulting in the unwarranted stigma. Early on, Arby recognized that the next phase of the cannabis industry was not on the THC side of the business, but rather on the CBD

side. This led him to successfully launch one of the largest brands in the exploding CBD industry. Green Roads mission has been to offer customers a safe, effective alternative to prescription painkillers, other toxic prescription and over-the-counter drugs that contain harsh chemical compounds alien to nature’s perfect remedies.


Green Roads products are produced and formulated by a compound pharmacist in a state-of-the-art ISO 6 clean room to ensure purity and potency. Arby takes great pride in knowing that FORBES now ranks Green Roads in its Top 10 List of CBD Hemp Brands in the country. He continues to educate and help set the standards for the industry as a regular on the speaker circuit at regional/national industry and consumer health/wellness conferences. Arby continues to meet with consumers throughout the country and helps other CBD companies as they struggle with uninformed agencies seizing their commodities. He launched his own weekly Cannabis Life (CLife) FaceBook Live stream and hosts it every Thursday evening beginning at 7PM which can be found on Facebook ( This live streaming show gives a

platform to have open and honest conversations with cannabis users who help break the stigma and share their successes. Arby candidly imparts his story about his own journey to finding an alternative to free himself from the ‘Big Pharma’ shackles. For his expert knowledge, positioning in this burgeoning industry and his “education” mission, Barroso was appointed by the Broward County Board of Commissioners as the Chair of the Medical Marijuana Advisory Board in Broward

County. This is the only county advisory board of its kind in the State of Florida, advising and making recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners for improving operations and services to qualified patients and users. The world that Arby wants to live in is a world where no one has to suffer the pain of being addicted to medication. There IS another way. And THAT is where and how Green Roads leads.