chef darryl

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Chef Darryl Eugene Harris Jr – affectionately nicknamed “BIGGS” – is the co-owner and culinary mastermind behind The Krazy Vegan, plant-based comfort fast-food restaurant in Hallandale Beach Fl. The Miami native is a self-taught chef that credits his whole family for his deeply rooted love for cooking. His late great-grandmother, Vicia Collins, planted seeds of culinary passion into him by the age of 3 by making a small rundown kitchen a haven and way of expression for the young chef-to-be, often saying “one day you’ll have and run your own kitchen”. Words that he has lived by and up to. 

Having a hunger (no pun intended) to be a culinary genius, he started working for a Miami based catering company at the age of 15. Throughout the years he gained experience in multiple culinary genres such as Caribbean, seafood, casual/fine dining, and BURGERS!!! Chef Biggs has worked for culinary giants like Darden Restaurants and Landry’s, perfecting his craft along the way. He’s also won The Riverwalk Burger Battle and Bokamper’s Beast Burger Challenge. 

A sudden health scare is 2018, jolted him into the realm of Plant-based eating and veganism.  His creativity in the kitchen is fed by his belief that food should not be overhandled and smothered, but rather appreciated for its simplicity and natural perfection. He spends his time outside of the kitchen raising his Son (future chef), consulting for brick-and-mortar restaurants and perfecting recipes for his plant-based cookbook.

His focus is now to become a world-renown Vegan food critic, but he’ll soon be “PLANTING” himself into the 2021 SEED Burger Battle to show off his passion for a BOMB BURGER!!!