Chef james

Born in Los Teques, capital of Miranda state, Tahhan comes from a large family of Arab-Armenian origin.

From an early age he spent much of the day in the kitchen with his parents Mimi and Bashir, with whom he began to develop the taste and attraction for gastronomy, which in turn led him to asking "why" everything that was done during the preparation of meals at home.

His favorite toys were not the plastic carts but the kitchen implements: pots, spoons, spatulas.

James learned a lot from the father of one of his childhood friends, a neighbor of Galician origin, a chef by profession, whom he called Mr. David (David Abal), who taught James the basic cooking skills that a child of 6 years could acquire.

At age 13, he emigrated to the United States with his mother. At that time James suffered from childhood obesity. He learned that his passion for cooking could go hand in hand with a healthy diet.

Tennis and martial arts were the key to overcoming obesity. He continued to develop his potential in both sports during high school and college.

He went to college to study chemistry, but months later he understood that his place was in the kitchen and not in a laboratory. He joined Le Cordon Bleu University, where he specialized in international cuisine and pastry.

He excelled from the beginning as one of the most outstanding students and then graduated with honors. During his studies he started his own catering business which he called Avokado. There he acquired much of his experience with dealing with customers and what a Chef should face in the business world.

After graduating he participated in an audition for the morning program "Un Nuevo Dia", broadcasted by Telemundo; he was chosen for the position and later became the official chef of the chain and co-driver of the program. He earned the appreciation of the public with both his recipes and charisma. Recently, he won along with his morning show team, the prestigious Emmy Award. He has also been invited by the channel Utilísima to be part of one of its main programs: "Puro Chef". Participating in the 4th and 5th seasons and Thanks Giving Utilísima. He participated in the Healthy Week campaign, an initiative created by NBCUniversal, presenting himself in this way before the English-speaking public. Today his recipes also travel the internet through the popular portal Mujer De Hoy.