chef Robyn
for PAOW


Known for her appearance on several Food Network competition shows, Almodovar brings her unique style and energy to the plant-based foodie scene in Florida and beyond. She is the face, attitude, and spark behind the PAOW! Taste Revolution. Chef Robyn's 15 + years of experience is essential in creating mouthwatering dishes and exciting new recipes featuring PAOW! plant-based proteins.

A Le Cordon Bleu graduate, Almodovar is well versed in the culinary arts and uniquely creative in her development and execution of new menus. She served as the Corporate Chef for The Stanley Hotel and The Palm Hotel & Resort before hitting the South Florida streets with her award-winning 24-foot food truck "Palate Party."

"I describe it as a party in your mouth," she says of her cooking style, using her signature catchphrase. "It's comfort food with finesse."