A clinical & holistic nutritionist... Chelsie stumbled into the restaurant business after her clients practically begged her to “please open up a restaurant so we can eat your food every day”. Her first restaurant, The Sanctum, was bursting at the seams just days after being open and it became evident that Orlando was thirsty for delicious, healthy food and Chelsie had just the recipe they were looking for.

Proper & Wild is Chelsie’s second of three restaurants in the Orlando community. As a chef, she is committed to cooking damn good food that is good for you and elevating the health of our city. She is wildly strategic in how she breaks the rules of proper cooking to bring you creative combinations even carnivores will love. You’ll never find hydrogenated oils, food dyes, artificial flavorings or preservatives in anything she cooks and the freshest plants she can find are at the heart of every single dish she creates.

She is in love with the idea of creating memories and community around the dining table, reinventing expectations of health-full food, teaching, guiding and learning with her team and bringing love and passion back into the kitchens of restaurants – because when you cook with love, you can taste it. Her restaurants have been featured on the cover of Orlando Magazine Food Awards, named “Best Plant Based Orlando” “Best Vegetarian” “Best Healthy Selection” and onwards to countless other awards... but the best award is seeing smiling faces commune over food with integrity made by a team of people who are passionate & inspired and that is the gift she shows up for every day to make come alive.