Chris Rios

Chris Rios.jpeg

It was 2011 and no vegan taco was a match for his search so, he started cooking. With a passion for business and a problem to solve, Chris set out on a quest to create rockin' vegan tacos for all. He started with the sauce and the rest is history.


From his iconic vegan queso to his signature sauces, in 2012, he'd created authentic tex-mex flavours that his business would become famous for: The Vegan Nom was born.

Chris had become vegan for environmental and health reasons and his passion for good food and the environment built the brand now known today for their rockin' vegan tacos. It all started in a 7x12 food trailer off of North Loop, but after selling out in the first two hours of the first week, he knew it would only be a matter of time before they needed a bigger space to serve the vegan community.


Fast forward four years later, The Vegan Nom food truck upgraded to the iconic 1970s airstream trailer and moved to Chris' old stomping grounds in East Austin.