Courtney Leon

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Courtney Leon is the creator of Courtney’s Cookies. She is a holistic health coach and plant-based chef. Courtney grew up in Ohio baking “traditional” cookies with her mom and grandma. Her love for nutrition began in high school after overcoming eating disorders she developed in middle school. Courtney’s passion for health and wellness grew stronger in college after focusing on plant-based and cellular nutrition, alkalinity, superfoods, holistic health and positive psychology.


Courtney was inspired to create her delicious cookies in college after developing a gluten sensitivity. She found the gluten-free cookies in stores tasted like cardboard and knew she could create something better. So, she recreated her childhood favorite chocolate chip cookie with nothing but organic, nutrient-dense ingredients, free of gluten, dairy, soy, preservatives or artificial anything.


Courtney believes that all food should nourish our bodies, minds and souls- even dessert! She is passionate about healthy eating education and using food as medicine. When she’s not baking or working on Courtney’s Cookies, you can find her on the beach, enjoying nature, practicing yoga, and spending time with her husband, Frank (co-founder of Courtney’s Cookies). You can find Courtney’s Cookies all over Miami and beyond. For more information, visit