Deborah DiMare

Deborah DiMare.jpg

Deborah DiMare is an accomplished vegan design expert, luxury interior decorator, author, educational speaker and global influencer for the compassionate design movement. Deborah founded the ultra-luxury interior design firm, DiMare Design, over 15 years ago.  After becoming aware of the inhumane treatment of all animals, human & non, within the skins & fur industry, Deborah transitioned her firm to become the first 100% compassionate interior design practice. Her projects are non animal based & ecofriendly. She does not use wool, fur, leather, silk, down or anything derived from a living creature. Deborah focuses on materials & furnishings that are ethical, sustainable, healthier & that promote optimal well being.

Her knowledge and passion in compassionate design led to the creation of the Council, a global coalition comprised of small & large businesses. The council, led by Deborah & Advisory Board, connects businesses to consumers and provides continual education about meeting the needs of the compassionate market. The Council is making change for the lives of all living creatures while building success within companies.

Deborah and her humane design expertise have been featured on the Today Show, NBC, TLC and in national and global publications including The Huffington Post, Ocean Drive, VegNews, PETA, Live Kindly & Fido Friendly.