Diego TOsoni / Veronica Menin

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Veronica and Diego are partners in love and in life. They share not only the love for each other but also the love for cycling, plant based foods, compassion for the animals and the passion to run a conscious business that makes a difference in the world. Just a few months after they got together, Vero and Diego began creating Love Life Cafe, and from then on it has been a beautiful journey where they get to provide delicious and conscious food to the Miami community and expand the awareness towards loving life and respecting our planet.

Veronica is originally from Brazil, graduated from University of Miami in 2006 with a double major in Journalism and Psychology, and attended the Institute of Integrative Nutrition where she became a certified Holistic Health Coach. In 2009 Veronica founded Peace A' Cake, a vegan and gluten free baked goods company which she then sold at Whole Foods markets until 2015, when she sold the business. In 2010 she also founded Conscious Bite Out, which was the first plant based dining event in South Florida, held at The Sacred Space, in efforts to educate the community towards a healthier lifestyle. As an avid athlete, Veronica has always been passionate about exercising and proper nutrition. In 2014, she graduated from Robert Morse’s International School of Detoxification, and Matthew Kenney’s Academy for Plant Based Sports Nutrition. Veronica’s vision when co-creating Love Life was to create a conscious business that can serve and provide the community the support they need to love life, love themselves and live a healthier life.

Diego has always been passionate about cooking, but never actually attended culinary school, which is why he does not go by "Chef." He sees himself as a self taught cook who understands the relationship between the food in our plate to the way it affects our health, our planet and other living beings. Vegan cooking for Diego is more than being a Chef, it is about making the world a better place. Diego also understands how to work with the beautiful ingredients nature has given us to achieve incredible flavors making plant based eating a comfort feeling as well. Like Vero, Diego is an avid cyclist and athlete. With a background in photography and arts, which is the field he worked at for many years, he also graduated from Cornel

University for Plant Based Nutrition Program by T Collin Campbell in 2012. His love for food and animals transitioned to an even deeper love for cooking plant based, and for spreading the awareness to his friends and family, changing many of their lives as well. Diego’s love for art can also be seen on the plate and also at Love Life’s walls.