Being one of the most sought out DJ’s in Miami, DJ Zehno is a powerhouse who packs a punch in all of her performances and is an advocate for girl power... Encouraging and empowering women and feminism everywhere.  Realizing her passion for music at a young age, Stephanie Arzeno decided to switch career paths from being a pre-law student, to a full time music DJ.  With all her diversity and knowledge of music, DJ Zehno is on her way to becoming one of the most renowned DJ’s in Miami, and in the world. 


DJ Zehno serves up beats at top-notch venues and events all over Miami.  She has shared the main stage with Crystal Waters, Robin S., Estelle, and the legendary DJ Danny Tenaglia in front of thousands of fans and LGBT supporters.  Since her unparalleled knack for mixing hip-hop, house, electro, even new and unique trap and glitch beats, and the occasional “surprise” track has kept her in high demand in the Miami club scene.  Zehno also likes to give her fans a little something to enjoy at home, the gym, the beach or any other place in need of some sick beats with the release of a mix tape series aptly named Pandamonium. 


Being the founder and CEO of her own company and event she started over 2 years ago, she is exceedingly self-motivated.  She has come very far and succeeded immense amounts in just that short period of time.  She is driven by her vision, and ambition of flourishing events!  Booking other DJ's, live artists, performers, vendors, community organizations, non-profits, and more, this DJ is much more than a beat machine, but she's a full on event coordinator.  She managed to have bi-monthly to monthly events at different venues, book everyone and everything, promote and do social media marketing, create flyers, and so much more all on her own for the most of that 2 year period.  Now with delegating roles and building a girl power team, Blend the Femme is seeing esteemed venues ranging from Wynwood, South Beach, Miami and even New York City for New York Pride weekend.  This "Artists for Artists" event's main theme is female empowerment, yet it's cultural and environmentally conscious, eco-friendly, and socially aware.  DJ Zehno Entertainment presents Blend the Femme, which was also featured in the Miami Harold newspaper for being such a great event and party blending feminine energy and community involvement.


More than anything, Zehno is more than just your average music nerd DJ, she cares and she's a major player in the non-profit organization community.  She's a giver as she donates her time and free beat mixing services to spin at many different events and parties for these non-profits.  She also gives back by volunteering in other ways as well.  Then she turns around and books them at her event, Blend the Femme to speak, vend, and market themselves while getting other community organizations and people involved in their cause.  With all this networking, she really is a powerful woman showing what women can really do all on their own when they put their mind to it. 


With 11 years of DJing under her belt, she has transcended herself.  And with a smile as wide as her open arms, DJ Zehno makes you feel at home in what we affectionately call “The Panda Den.”  The dimly lit, jam-packed bar at Counter Corner where Zehno has held court every 3rd Sunday for the last 2 years, attracting and entertaining Miami’s most discerning LGBT crowd in search of something to satisfy their nightlife cravings. Zehno took over the reins as the Resident DJ just last year, but she is anything but the "new girl."  With DJ Zehno spinning, this monthly party at Counter Corner was voted as the #2 party under long-time standing, renowned nightclub, Liv on Sunday nights in the Miami Times newspaper.  It seems like any party or event Zehno is involved with, the reporters come poking around to feature her in newspapers, video interviews, magazines, and more.  Also having done Bamboo Base Festival in Costa Rica, DJ Zehno has now gone international and her world traveling has just begun.  There's a lot more to expect from powerhouse, DJ Zehno as the rest of her career unfolds especially since she recently started producing beats that sound like hits in the making!