Frank cuzan

Frank Cuzan was born May 22, 1966 in Havana, Cuba; where he began to draw at a very early age. In 1980, the Cuzan family moved to United States of America, and immediately, Frank continued his high school education and graduated with honors. In the year 2000, Frank graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Computer Animation from the International Fine Arts School in Miami, Florida.  Successfully achieving his degree, he began in search for his dream job as an artist where he could excel his talent. Frank began demonstrating his artistic developments working freelance jobs for Enteraktion NBC 6 Studios and Minerva Publishing Co. performing freelance, Visual Developments, Creating concepts, designing and creating characters for Children's books. In 2002, he began working for a fortune 500 Company, Baptist Health South Florida, in the Media Services Department as a full time Illustrator. In July of 2004, he was challenged with a great opportunity to work in the music industry and was asked to layout the storyboard and develop the animation for a music video(El Diablo llego a la Havana) performed by the famous Latin singer, Willy Chirino. In 2008, his work exceeded many expectations and he was soon promoted to Concept Developer where he served as the Art Director for several animations that he created for the children's diagnostic procedures, at the Baptist Medical Plaza Children’s Diagnostic Center in West Kendall, Florida. His association with these projects and his artistic developments continued opening doors for Frank.  Frank continued frequently demonstrating his artistic skills through challenging times, but continually sought to better himself, acquiring new ideas and exploring new techniques as a mean of becoming the artist he truly aspired to be.  Recently, Frank was approached by a new endeavor in collaboration with other talented creators to develop an animation project "The Chromi in the Blue Country".

At present, Frank continues residing in Miami, Florida where he lives with his lovely wife of fifteen years and his latest creation; his first born son, Kevan Cuzan, eight year old and today his biggest inspiration and his life's most influential gift.