Jackie Sobon

Jackie Sobon.jpg

The name Vegan Yack Attack references a few different things in my life, the most obvious one being that I’m vegan; Yack Attack stems from a nickname I was given. My name is Jackie or Jacqueline (which is where this started) which then became Yacqueli, because of the kitchen staff at a restaurant I used to serve at, is sometimes was shortened to Yackie, and finally… Yack Attack.


One thing about me is that I am a very curious person; I am always wanting to learn and am constantly fascinated by new information that I come across. That leads me into why I became Vegetarian, then eventually Vegan, in the first place. I started reading many articles and reports concerning food, beauty products, household items, etc. and the chemicals that they were made of; not to mention how those chemicals are essentially unregulated. Insanity, I say! Because I have a background in product design, I have always had the notion of living a sustainable life and doing the least damage possible to my surroundings and the planet. But, after reading everything that I did about those chemicals, factory farming, and how the government doesn’t care, there was no looking back and I feel that I am a much better person for it now.

When I started cooking more food at home to avoid the atrocities that are sold in most markets, I started documenting them; feeling a sense of pride in the new things that I was accomplishing. Thousands of pictures and hundreds of recipes later, I’ve reached a point where I feel a connection with fellow vegans & vegan enthusiasts and I love to share everything with my community!