Jennifer Stojkovic

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Jennifer Stojkovic has built her career as an internationally recognized community relations leader for the world’s largest tech companies in the capital of innovation, San Francisco. During her career in tech, Jennifer became increasingly interested in blending her passion for change in the food system with her experience and network in Silicon Valley. In early 2018, Jennifer launched a “Future of Food” series of partnerships bringing together CEOs and founders from leading tech brands, including WeWork and Airbnb, with emerging CEOs from the burgeoning food tech industry to establish food as the “Tech 2.0”. 

Quickly, Jennifer became aware of the inequities facing female founders in the food tech industry — and the unfortunate parallels drawn from the same experiences she has combatted in her career as a woman at the intersection of tech and politics in the Valley. 

Drawing on these experiences, Jennifer launched VWS in early 2020 with a sold-out global conference, the Vegan Women Summit. Focused on building equitable and diverse representation of women leaders from around the world and partnering with major tech brands, VWS is the world’s first events and media organization dedicated to empowering, educating, and inspiring women to bring compassion to their careers. With a thriving, fast-growing community of energetic female leaders around the world, VWS features programming with the world’s leading vegan CEOs, celebrities, investors, Olympians, and more.

Jennifer has been featured as a speaker both domestically and internationally at many conferences, including the world’s largest tech conference, Dreamforce, and the acclaimed World Knowledge Forum in Seoul, South Korea. She has travelled internationally as a government-appointed tech delegate in multiple missions, most recently in Germany, and is regularly featured in the national press. 

When she is not building a kinder food system and empowering female leadership, Jennifer can be found diving, hiking with her dogs, or perfecting the world’s most delicious seitan recipe. An avid athlete and fitness enthusiast, she’s always down for a pushup contest—and to prove the power of plant-based protein. She is an ethical vegan, a Canadian by birth, and a big fan of Led Zeppelin.