jennylee molina

JennyLee Molina Headshot LR.jpg

JennyLee Molina is one of Miami’s most influential communications professionals. For the past 15 years, her passionate work has helped shape brands, placing them on the leading edge of popular culture. As the founder of JLPR, JennyLee has represented clients in the areas of art, food, beverage, lifestyle, health, wellness, entertainment, and non-profit. She has executed communications strategies, both nationally and locally, through traditional public relations efforts as well as via the ever-changing digital landscape. JennyLee's impressive top-tier coverage and record event attendance make her one of the most sought after event marketers in the field, and her creative digital strategies have earned her recognition from Mashable, the leader in social media news.

As an avid cafecito connoisseur and founder of 3:05 Cafecito, her efforts proclaimed 3:05 as Miami's official coffee break time in 2013. Miami is the only city with an official coffee break in the US. She has worked with Nespresso, Starbucks and Cafe La Llave on partnership campaigns and continues to celebrate our love for all things 305 and cafecito. She is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who enjoys helping businesses reach their potential through strategic development and integrated marketing. In 2015, Miami New Times named her as a “Best of Miami” winner for her work in the South Florida community and public relations industry. 

JennyLee continues to push the envelope as the co-founder of the Leah Arts District in Hialeah, her hometown, where she gives back by sharing her community building and programming talents in order to bring cultural and family-friendly programming to Hialeah.