jo englesson

Jo Englesson, heir to Swedish furniture manufacturer,, is the founder of TOFA (Token of Appreciation) and Gratitude Training, and the creative force behind "Gratitude! The Show," a one-woman variety show that explores the importance of gratitude and appreciation in one’s life.  She recently self-published her first book, Source Movement.

In 2007, Jo embarked on her journey of Gratitude when she “bumped” into an older gentleman in a Florida airport. In that improbable instant, Jo’s life direction and purpose changed forever. She invented the TOFA token, a token of appreciation that is given to someone who makes a difference in your day.  The tokens are uniquely numbered and can be tracked online as they are paid forward.  Today, there are more than 13,000 tokens in circulation.

Subsequent to this unlikely “wakeup call,” Jo has traveled the U.S. sharing her story and encouraging and inspiring people to live a life filled with Joy and Gratitude.  She embodies the concept of change and growth as being FUN, not scary. 

In August 2010, Jo founded the Gratitude Training, a four-month leadership program that creates leaders who want to make a difference in the world by “being the change.” To date, more than 5,000 people have attended her trainings, and as a result, a community of likeminded individuals has emerged, a community that calls themselves “The Gratitude Community.” Because of Jo’s vision and entrepreneurial savvy, the Gratitude Training has over $2 million in sales in its fifth year and is currently offered in 4 cities across the US.

Jo’s title on her business card is “Creative Peacemaker.” She explains that there are many creative ways to reach peace on the planet.  When we all get that we have the power to make that difference individually and we authentically take that on, there will be a paradigm shift in the mass consciousness, and peace will be inevitable.

Jo is a light in this world, and her charisma and loving heart has already been a catalyst for change and the context for a transformed world.