korin sutton

Vegan Bodybuilder/Master Fitness Trainer and Health Coach


I believe in the saying, "You are what you eat." I believe this to the core. I have been vegan for about four years, and I love how I feel, think, look, and how I am giving back not just to the animals but to the planet. Living and eating with compassion has changed my life completely. I was in the military for about eight years and have served in Operation Iraqi Freedom III and IV. With that said I have seen a lot of death, poverty, hate, destruction, captivity, and many horrible things and the dark side of war.  


When I first discovered about eating clean on a plant-based diet, I became instantly aware of how much hate and destruction that we cause not only to ourselves, but to other living species, and the planet. I sat down for a moment and realized that there is just too much hate in this world - this can't be the meaning of life. I could not sit and see how animals were being treated for food, entertainment, pleasure, and as personal objects, instead of as living souls. This realization disturbed me, and I wanted to change my life. I was tired of living and thinking in the world of shame and death.


When I started to transition to a plant-based diet; not only did my body change for the better, but my perception of life shifted. My heart opened up and my mind could see and think clearly. As a result of my new lifestyle, my spirituality woke up, and I felt more connected to the earth and all living things.


Four months later, I had successfully left the military to dedicate my activist life to being an educator on the health and fitness benefits of a plant-based diet.


I wanted to educate the world on the incredible sense of well-being and beauty that come when you live a life with even more compassion.  


America has among the highest rates in the world in heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Heart disease is the number one killer in this country. We are also among the worst around consumption of animal products. Out of 198 countries,  we are # 1 in meat consumption, sixth in eggs and 17th in milk.


We also have been at war since 2001, for 16 years now.


I believe that it is time to shine a light of peace on this country and remember what's important in the world: peace, love, compassion, connection, and life. Peace starts with what we eat - plants -, and who we don't eat - other beings.


When we consume animals who are treated with hate as they experience death, disease, rape, and many horrific things, we also consume all that negative energy.


So lets eat life and not death!  Let's eat fruits, grains, lentils, vegetables and foods that the earth has grown with life and nourishment! Let's share the world with our fellow animal friends and do what nature intended for us: to live with happiness, health, and compassion for everyone and everything.