Leticia Pollock


Leticia Pollock is the founder of Panther Coffee, a Miami-based specialty coffee company roaster, retailer and wholesaler specializing in small-batch roasting of coffee beans and the preparations of beverages. She and her husband set out to start their own company in Miami when they realized the specialty coffee scene was nonexistent. They traveled to Latin America noticed that many companies in these countries had animal pictures in their branding and the idea became a constant topic of conversation throughout their trips. Thus was born Panther Coffee in the Fall of 2010 and opened to the public in Wynwood a year later. She has found great success with the help of longstanding relationships with coffee producers throughout the world and a mighty team of managers, educators and baristas who showcase these wonderful coffees and producers daily. They now have multiple retail stores throughout South Florida and Panther Coffee has received local and international recognition for its coffee in the form of awards and nominations such as Best Coffee Company in Florida 2018 by Food and Wine Magazine and USA Today Best Coffee Shops in America 2018.