Martha Tabora


Vegan Junkie founder, Martha Tabora, is a South Florida based chef who turned her love for burgers into her business in 2017. Her food philosophy is to always use ingredients that are fresh and local in order to build delicious scratch made foods.


Chef Martha was born and raised in La Ceiba, Honduras, where she adopted these values having all of nature’s goodness readily available in local markets and sometimes even her backyard before moving to the United States for college to further her culinary education. She studied at the Johnson & Wales University before completing her Culinary Arts degree in the North Miami campus in 2007. Post graduation, Martha worked under celebrated chefs throughout Miami, then returned home to Honduras to continue pursuing her business degree from UNITEC, all while cultivating her hospitality and entrepreneurial skills.


In 2015, Martha returned to Miami and decided to make a lifestyle change, but couldn’t find any existing plant-based products that met her food quality standards. Seeing this gap in the marketplace led to her developing her own signature items for everyday meals and cheat days alike. She soon started a meal prep business on Instagram and quickly amassed a loyal following of supporters who constantly requested her burgers. Both the business and menu flourished and the burger concept as we know it, Vegan Junkie, opened at the Yellow Green Farmers Market.


 VJB is currently stationed in Fort Lauderdale at their weekend Pop Up at Argyles Coffee Roaster’s Warehouse. Where they prepare to enjoy freshly handmade plant-based burgers and locally grown organic oyster mushroom “chicken” sandwiches. All items are sourced locally and sustainable from small businesses.