Molly Weintraub
for celsius (sol yoga fit)


Growing up a competitive gymnast, I was always more than active- until I wasn’t. When I left gymnastics, I found It beyond challenging to want to move my body after feeling like I had abused it for so many years. But after the passing of my mother at 16, I spiraled in and out of depression. And it wasn’t until my early 20s, that I found Yoga. It was magical to me. Not only could I move my body- but I started to understand what a privilege that actually was. Fast forward a few years later, I stumbled Into a Teacher Training. I taught my very first class 2 days after graduating- and haven’t stopped since.
Yoga is so much more than movement. It’s a spiritual and emotional connection to self that creates awareness of who you really are. It’s about stepping into your power. Setting yourself free. Yoga is who you are- the way you look into the eyes of those you love. Yoga, is like stepping into your body for the very first time and realizing that everything fits just right. It’s about losing yourself in the things you love- and finding yourself there too.