nicky coachman

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Nicky began working for Frey Vineyards Americas First Organic/ Biodynamic Vegan Winery 10 years ago.Nicky’s passion for wines made with no sulfites added and vegan was a dream come true to work with a winery that believes in biodynamic farming. 


Life In Motion and Balance 

Nicky likes the method of Biodynamic Farming Frey Vineyards use to make wines. Using Nature’s Elements to grow crops .Nicky believes with the harmony of the seasons and the aligment of thr Earth , the stars and the moon. Its the way him and Frey Vineyards believes a grape shoukd be grown. Its the way farmers been growing plants for centuries.


Biodynamic Farming guided incorporate the moon cycle.


The full moondraws the tide and water deep underground higher to the soil surface, meaning the seeds have a greater chance of thriving from the earth’s natural sources. 


Nicky welcomes you to drink Frey Organic/ Biodynamic Vegan Wines.