Nzingah Oniwosan is Haitian-American inspirational speaker, holistic health consultant, detox coach, yoga teacher, and raw vegan chef. As an award winning visual artist, jewelry designer, classically trained pianist, published poet, and African and Haitian folklore dancer; she has created healing a modality that fuses holistic medicine with the arts.

Three years ago she launched a food and holistic lifestyle blog and organization where she inspires people to tap in their “RAW” power to be a better version of their perceived self through articles, interviews, workshops, and retreats all over the world. This was birthed out of her 17-year journey to heal herself of benign brain tumor, autoimmune disorder, and polycystic ovary syndrome.

Nzingah has committed to changing the landscape in Haiti in big way, by being the cofounder of Impact Hub Port-au-Prince, a co-working space with a social justice focus. Through this space she has been able to host and guide wellness and mindfulness workshops.