Pablo Luque was born in Cordoba (Argentina) and began his culinary formation by studying in Argentinian Culinary Institute and then working on his familiy business.

He then continued his studies at Azafran and moved to US in 2001.     

His early jobs  in the kitchen led him to investigate more and more about nutrition and innovative foods and he has his first formation in the vegan world at Plant Food and Wine.

He has been working in the Culinary Industry for more than two decades  now and his interests in vegan food, nutrition and health are his top priorities when he creates a dish.

Even though he was born in Argentina in 1978, his roots go back to Spain and Italy, the country were his grandparents were born.

He is passionate about cooking and being involve full time with his projects.

He has been working at Holi Vegan Kitchen before its opening three months ago, creating the dishes and full kitchen organization.

Pablo is a true blend of cultures and experiences which is, without a doubt, reflected in his culinary creations.