Plant Chics

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Jacque Tarlton, Certified Wellcoach® & Wellness Advocate, is passionate about improving health through fabulous, fun, and scientifically proven lifestyle changes. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and she practiced as a Registered Dietitian (RD) early in her career. She is currently a Certified Wellcoach®, Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) Facilitator, & Corporate Wellness Trainer specializing in the power of plants to improve health & longevity for her clients, and ROI for corporations.

Jacque has studied nutrition, health, and fitness since 1986, and she was introduced to the power of plant-based nutrition in 1994. Jacque has always worked in the health field, and she has gone from deadly addictions to fabulously thriving! It is Jacque's mission to coach you through your unhealthy lifestyle habits to live your best, happiest, and most vibrant life. And the best part? It's never too late to start!


Marzia Prince is an award-winning international health and wellness expert. She is the go to health & fitness expert for numerous TV and radio stations that include Fox News Radio, iHeart Radio, CW 33, and WFAA's Channel 8 News in Dallas. She was named D Magazines' top trainer to follow on Instagram in 2016 and Dallas's top 10 Most Influential Women in 2015. She has numerous certifications including nutrition, physical fitness,  bio-mechanics in resistance training, and pre/post-natal wellness. She attends the latest research in her field through continuing education every year.

Marzia credits her success to her healthy lifestyle behaviors. From haute  mess to Healthinista, she is living a plant-based, eco- friendly lifestyle that has helped her overcome many challenges in life. She firmly believes you need to live a healthy lifestyle to be successful in life. Health is not just what you are eating, it is about what you are thinking,  saying, and doing daily. Her Healthinista programs have changed thousands of lives. Goals that clients once thought to be impossible to achieve were met and surpassed upon completion of her programs.