Rebecca Eisenmann


Rebecca Eisenmann, is the founder of the blog and Instagram handle ´Verde y Rebelde´ (which means Green and Rebellious in Spanish) with close to 200k hungry followers who seek knowledge on plant based foods, integrative healing and a conscious lifestyle. Rebecca is a mother of two and Health Coach whose mission is to question the status quo in times of change and bring awareness into our daily habits. She is known for her openness, activism and passion in which she discusses controversial topics such as the food industry, pharma, the birth system and breastfeeding. Currently she has a tv program on IntiTV and is working on her second one, wrote and self published a book and is currently running an Online program called ´Criando un Verdecito´(Raising a Green Child´) directed to parents and parents to be which educates them on the initial stages of bringing a child into this modern world and what it entails.