Giving up eating meat wasn’t easy for me. Most of my favorite restaurants became impossible to eat at. Health food or fast food, it seemed like everything I enjoyed was out of reach. At first I found comfort in some of the prepared food and meat alternatives you find at health food stores. Most of it was frozen, par-cooked or pre-seasoned, and anything decent was high in sodium leaving me with little room for creativity in the kitchen. Eating became a mechanical process of heating up one thing after the other, and in the end I lost my passion for cooking. Unsatisfied, I was determined to bridge the gap between comfort food and a meat-free diet. That‘s when I began experimenting with plant-based meats, and after months of botched recipes and a few more months of torturing my family with samples, I developed Atlas’ signature Vegitien recipe. Not quite seiten, Vegitein is flavorful all the way through the last “meaty” bite. And best of all, it was prepared using traditional cooking techniques with equipment you could find in your own kitchen. A year later, my wife and I opened Atlas Meat-Free Delicatessen with a stand at our local farmers' market and a menu full of meat-free options. Two years later here we are, ready to share our story, and our family of products, with you.