What is the path to wellness? Is it education? Lifestyle? Career?

For Sabra, it was equal parts passion, diligence, hustle and opportunity that conspired to make her a wellness expert.


Rooted in wellness. Sabra Seligman, is a wellness brand developer, holistic nutritionist and 

plant-based chef, a certified natural health care practitioner and integrative well-being coach. An educator at heart, Sabra’s projects take clients through and insightful journey of self discovery, holistic living, self-care and motivation. On a mission to guide change, she takes an experience approach to her various initiatives, including  brand development, community workshops, retreats and online projects. As a leader and speaker she captivates others with her passion to create long term healthcare and balance with lifelong wellness tips. 


Seligman showed an affinity for preventative medicine from a young age. “I was really intrigued by alternative medicine and holistic practices and how these two could heal and cure the body,” says Seligman, who went on to earn a degree in nutrition from Seneca College in Toronto. She advanced her studies with a natural healthcare practitioner certification from Transformational Arts College—honing the practices of aromatherapy, meditation, reiki, chakras and others—and a degree in international spa management from Elmcrest College of Applied Health Sciences and Spa Management.