Sadrah Schadel


Co-Founder | Chief Creative Officer

Sadrah is the force behind the Innovation and Creative departments of No Evil Foods. With a lifetime of plant-based experience under her belt, she’s got some serious veg cred. Before she was leading the conversation on how to create a socially-minded business, she was the original DIY-er at No Evil, developing and testing each recipe from her home kitchen. 


Sadrah is a lifelong vegetarian and is committed to spreading the good word about a plant-based lifestyle. In fact, she’s the one that showed her partner and CEO, Mike, that vegan food doesn’t suck. Her experience growing a radically different business from scratch has equipped her with a noteworthy sensibility that she parlays into speaking engagements and business summits around the country.


From her DIY approach to branding to the way she drives the vision and message of No Evil Foods today, Sadrah is a true visionary committed to telling the authentic story of what it takes to craft a



Sadrah’s dedication to giving back and working to improve systems of oppression runs deep. Before she was changing the world with No Evil Foods, Sadrah worked in Employment Training & Development for non-profit organizations in the northeast and the San Francisco Bay Area, with a focus on chronically homeless, formerly incarcerated, and dual diagnosis populations. Her love of good food was honed through work in restaurant management in top dining destinations in Philadelphia and New York state.