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Scott formed the South Florida Food & Beverage Association (SFFBA) after having a discussion during a meeting with key members of Coca-Cola and General Mills. Knowing that south Florida had a rich environment of excited young entrepreneurs all the way up to highly successful food & beverage professionals, he decided to start the SFFBA and bring everyone together to learn, network, and collaborate, to grow not only our companies, but also the south Florida eco-system.


After being accepted into Whole Foods, Sprouts, HEB and other grocery stores with “Chimp Food”, which won many awards, including the Innovation of the Year Award from Beverage Industry and has attracted attention from all over the world, Scott is about to launch his second brand “Love Plantz” which are the world's first whole food drinks!! Fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds that are all blended together, along with their ultra healthy peels, pulp and seeds, that creates quite possibly… the healthiest food on earth. It's not a juice, it's food you drink - perfect for breakfast lunch or dinner.


Scott is also the author of “The Chimp Diet” and is now working on his 2nd book titled “Perfect Human Food”. His interests are focused on Nutritional Biology and the natural selection of feeding, relating to animals in general, but especially our closest living relatives, African Apes. More specifically, the evolution of the Human Digestive Physiology and Gut Microbiome with respect to our original natural diet in comparative to the current Standard American Diet (SAD) in relationship to modern day “diet-related” illnesses, diseases and longevity - in hopes of solving global health issues.