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How to Make an Amazing Vegan Bowl

From cereal to soup to pho -- so many of the world’s best foods come in bowls. And everyone's favorite form of dinnerware also serves as the perfect way to build a complete, colorful, plant-based meal. With a little creativity, you can create some amazing one-bowl dinners — easy, healthy, and totally mouthwatering!

Jackie Sobon — founder of the fabulous blog, Vegan Yack Attack — just released a new cookbook, Vegan Bowl Attack. The vibrant, creative volume is chock full of tips for making ridiculously delicious bowls! In total it features more than 100 recipes including the Snack Shack Chilly Billy Bowl; the Orange Cauliflower Soba Chow Mein Bowl; the Kimchi Bowl with Red Curry Almond Sauce; the Biscuit Nacho Bowl; and many more.

Jackie will be sharing her vegan cooking expertise with Seed-goers this November, so ahead of the big event, she shared a few tips with us on how to make the best bowls ever.

“There are a couple of good formulas for putting together a stellar bowl, aside from just following the recipes in this book straight-up,” says Jackie. “One of the easiest ways to come up with ideas is to think of dishes that you already love. Sometimes taking an old favorite—such as tacos or burgers—and transforming it into a bowl turns out to be time-saving and less messy, and it gives you the option of trying all the flavors together or eating each component one at a time.”

Another option, Jackie says, it to make the idea into an equation (“and, unlike boring math, this will end up delicious and awesome”).

The bowl formulary involves six easy steps:

1. Base! “Start with the base of the bowl,” she explains. “This could be any kind of grain, such as quinoa, brown rice, oats, barley, or others.”

2. Veggies! “Next, think of vegetables that you love,” suggests Jackie. “We’re talking sweet potatoes, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, green beans, kale, and the like.”

3. Protein! “Although the protein part of the formula is mostly applicable to entree bowls, it doesn’t hurt to add it to other types of bowls.”

4. Heathy Fats! “The next step is to add a little healthy fat into your life,” says Jackie. “Go-to healthy fats for bowls include avocado, cold-pressed or extra-virgin oils, coconut foods, cacao nibs, olives, and nut or seed butters.”

5. Sauces! “Sauces are very important to bowls because they add a different texture and a flavor explosion that can tie everything together.”

6. Plating! “Now for my favorite part of making a bowl: the plating,” adds Jackie. “You can neatly organize the components and add a little drizzle of sauce and a garnish, or mix them up with no rhyme or reason other than to get every different flavor in every bite.”

Final result: a rainbow colored, completely delectable dinner (or lunch! or breakfast! or snack!)

(Excerpted from Vegan Bowl Attack! by Jackie Sobon, shared with permission from Fair Winds Press, copyright 2016)

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