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Inherent Equality: to Save an Animal

The numbers are hard to stomach:

  • Vegetarian Research Group revealed approximately 7.5 million United States citizens currently partake in an animal product-free diet.

  • PETA announced an annual of 27 billion animals being slaughtered for food.

  • A single human, converted to a vegetarian diet, can save over 100 animals annually.

  • Farmed animals consume over seventy percent of several major grains needed for their consumption; one third of all raw materials and U.S. fossil fuels.

The numbers and facts don’t stop there; a quantifiable amount of detrimental information is available for all to research and understand. To continue a meat-based diet is exponentially more harmful than nearly any other negative-impact life choices, both personally and communally. Without mentioning the deplorable treatment of farm-raised animals, suffice to say: a plant-based diet is beneficial for all species.

Counting Animals recently determined a vegetarian can save more than 27 land animals annually. Conversely, the U.S. is responsible for the deaths of over 7.7 billion animals-for-consumption annually.

When considering sea creatures, the average U.S. citizen consumes approximately 12 fish and 137 shellfish annually. Dig even further, between 144 and 293 wild sea animals are killed annually to feed the fish and shellfish eventually consumed by the U.S.

In 2010, Animal Death Count approximated the average U.S. carnivore as responsible for the deaths of 207 animals.

Review the table below, displaying figures for over the last sixty years:

A common misconception amongst vegetarians and meat-eaters alike is prioritizing the elimination of “red meat” items. While the overall goal would be to cease the consumption of any and all animal products, bird flesh actually remains the higher priority regarding animal mistreatment. The literal size of the chicken as a species results in more deaths than cows, to help satiate the meat-eaters’ demands. The chicken and turkey species are additionally exploited for their valuable eggs and generally abused during the process.

A study from the Journal of Animal Science highlighted the cow-calf bond, explored the disgraceful conditions most farm-raised animals endure prior to being slaughtered and further illuminated the connection between human dairy intake and its correlation to calf-veal intake. Reducing one directly affects the other:

“In addition to refusing to eat veal, avoid all dairy products—calves raised for veal are a 'coproduct' of the dairy industry.”

Green Bar & Kitchen remains committed to the promotion of the health and well-being of every individual member of the community – including every single living creature in the world! The flagship on 17th Street and new Galt Ocean Mile location continue to allow GBK to promote a healthy lifestyle for South Florida residents, providing education and plant-based options for those seeking to live healthier lifestyles and exhibit compassion to the creatures they share their Earth with. An organic, plant-powered diet exponentially help achieve better and healthier lives for all.

“Whatever the reason; we’re glad you are here.”

Sources: humanesociety.org animaldeathcount.com PETA.org VRG.org countinganimals.com Journal of Animal Science

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