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7 Places to Get an Amazing Plant-Based Burger in South Florida

Veggie burgers aren’t what they used to be, and culinarians everywhere are discovering that plant-based patties have loads of advantages over their beefier counterparts. With vegan burgers, no cows have to be killed, no arteries have to be clogged, and no rainforest has to be razed. They’re a win win win.

Here in South Florida, we have some amazing plant-based burger options, from black bean to lentil patties to grain meats and beyond.

Here are seven of our favorite veg burgers from Miami to Fort Lauderdale. (Note: all of these competitors — among others from across the country — are participating in Seed’s Plant-Based Burger Battle, so you can try their creations for yourself!)

Atlas Meat-Free Deli The meaty creations of Atlas owner Ryan Echaus are not to be missed. Carnivore-friendly and insanely indulgent, Atlas' burgers are made-to-order and come piled high with toppings, sauces, "cheese," and almost anything the customer's heart desires. Special signature burgers are frequently offered on the menu, too, and sometimes, pretzel buns are even involved.

Green Bar and Kitchen This popular vegan eatery took home the prize for audience fave at last year’s Plant-Based Burger Battle. Chef Charlie Grippo is in the running again this year, and his entry is sure to turn heads. Green Bar offers four different plant-based burgers: the GBK Deluxe Burger; the Smokehouse Burger with caramelized onions and BBQ sauce; the Seattle Burger with smokey Santa Fe dressing; and the Coconut Burger with a Field Roast patty and porcini mushrooms.

Soyka This globally-inspired, comfort-driven outpost has earned rave reviews for its meatless burger menu item. Made with an innovative mix of quinoa, plantain and mixed vegetables, the patty is topped with spinach, tomato and red onion and served with a side of red pepper coulis.

Love Life Cafe

This zenlike spot sits in the heart of Wynwood and serves up clean, delicious, cruelty-free food -- along with yoga classes, nutritional counseling, and life coaching on site. The cafe's "Love Life" Veggie Burger is made with black beans, oats, and sweet potato and served with a side of sweet potato fries or a side salad.

Holi Vegan Kitchen This fast-casual vegan eatery is known for its healthy, vibrant cuisine that’s reminiscent of familiar comfort foods. From wine to tapas to kombucha floats, the Holi menu is diverse and crowd-pleasing. The eatery’s Southwest Veggie Burger comes complete with red onion, pickle, tomato, cashew cheese sauce, lettuce, and mushroom.

Choices Cafe This popular plant-based chain boasts five locations across South Florida, and all five feature three different kinds of burgers: the Biggie Burger, double-stacked lentil patties with vegan cheese and chipotle mayo; the Karma Burger, a lentil patty with tempeh bacon, vegan cheese, avocado, lettuce, tomato, and caesar dressing; and the Justice Burger, an artisanal grain patty with vegan cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and mamuket sauce.

Green Gables Cafe This organic eatery in Coral Gables is well-known for its eponymous veggie burger. The restaurant’s creation is a black bean veggie patty that comes piled high with avocado, tomato, and miso dressing on a sprouted wheat bun, served with delicious baked sweet potato home-fries.

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