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Tofurky’s Food Waste For Good

Did you know that 30-40% of the food grown in the USA is wasted? Tofurky is tackling that statistic head-on by sending their food scraps (approximately 2,750 lbs./week) to help produce rich soil for orchards & keep greenhouse gasses out of our air. For perspective, in a landfill, that same food might emit 271,617 lbs of methane – the equivalent of 7.3 million miles driven!

Check out a short video on Tofurky’s composting program or get behind the scenes details on their site, here. Spoiler alert: the compost made from their food scraps nurtures local orchards, whose apples are included in Tofurky’s Chick’n & Apple Sausages. How’s that for full-circle?

You can also get involved at home. Ask whether you have a local curbside composting program? Or you might find a food waste project in your own kitchen by reading the following tips in this blog post. We’d love to see your photos and tricks from the field.

We’ll host Tofurky and many other sustainable brands during our upcoming Seed Food and Wine Festival, November 1 – 5th, 2017. Taste delicious samples and get your discount early bird tickets, right here!

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