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8 Vegan Athletes Who Prove Plants Have Plenty of Protein

If there’s one myth that needs to go ahead and die already, it’s the idea that plants don’t have enough protein. PLEASE. The world’s largest land mammals are herbivores, and you wouldn’t ask a 400-pound mountain gorilla if he’s protein deficient, now would you?

The truth is, lots of plants are packed with protein, and it’s easy as (vegan) pie to get super swole on a plant-based diet. Just ask these eight vegan athletes where they get their protein. If you’re lucky they won’t laugh at you.

Badass Vegan This South Florida-based badass lives up to his name, telling it like it is and sharing the raw truth on how veganism transformed his life for the better. He’s relentlessly positive (check out his killer smile), and co-founder of VeganSmart protein powders, too.

Dominick Thompson

He may be buff as they come, but for Domz Thompson, it's all about the animals. The founder of Crazies and Weirdos clothing (the makers of the famous Eat What Elephants Eat shirts), he spends his time hitting the gym and advocating for animals at venues all over the world.

Sexy Fit Vegan

This super fit athletic instructor and coach is all about teaching people how to eat vegan and love every minute of it. Her feed is filled with fitness inspo and affection for the animals.

Torre Washington It’s hard to find someone more ripped than Torre Washington, and it’s plants that have powered his muscled physique. He was raised vegan/vegetarian since 1998, so the dude knows his stuff.

Cris Vegan Fit

This vegan straightedge ecofeminist will totally inspire you to change the world. She works out, engages in vegan outreach, protests, and generally does all kinds of amazing stuff for the sake of the animals.

Sam Shorkey

This inspiring champ was the first ever vegan world naturals bikini pro. She coaches, blogs, podcasts, and hits the weights — all the while showing the world what a plant-based diet can look like.

Incogneato Vegan

This prolific Instagram all-star keeps it real with plenty of gym and food shots — plus hilarious and oh-so-relateable memes.

Vegan Fat Kid

Despite the moniker, Vegan Fat Kid is anything but. He’s fit and a foodie, regularly posting gym-related info and droolworthy shots of amazing vegan eats.

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