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Why Conscious Fashion Is the Future

Fashion is fabulous, but the industry has been criticized in recent years for its negative effects on animal welfare and the environment. Fur, leather, and other animal products are wreaking major havoc on the planet and its inhabitants -- humans included.

The good news is, cruelty-free, sustainable fashion is hotter than ever. Even mainstream designers are opting out of using old-school materials, and instead adopting a more conscious approach to style.

Gucci recently banned fur starting with its Spring/Summer 2018 collections. The company has even joined the Fur Free Alliance, an organization dedicated to ending the exploitation of animals for fur.

“Do you think using furs today is still modern? I don’t think it’s still modern and that’s the reason why we decided not to do that. It’s a little bit out-dated,” chief executive and president Marco Bizzarri told Business of Fashion. “Creativity can jump in many different directions instead of using furs.”

Iconic rocker Jon Bon Jovi also recently announced that his denim clothing line, Hart N Dagger, will abandon leather and other animal skin and opt for cruelty-free tags, instead. Vegan leather in general has exploded in popularity, and it’s predicted to be worth $85 billion by 2025. And thank goodness it’s growing, because animal-based leather is awful on every level.

In addition to the cruelty aspect of the leather industry, it has a horrific environmental impact; leather producers dump solid and liquid waste that contains dangerous compounds. Chromium, the leading byproduct, can cause cancer and countless other ailments.

Workers also face many dangers in the leather-making process. According to Gizmodo, “These includes slips and falls on improperly drained floors; exposure to lime, tanning liquor, acids, bases, solvents, disinfectants, and other noxious chemicals; injury from heavy machinery or flaying knives; drowning, being boiled alive, or buried in lime, are all terrifyingly real hazards.”

And with designers like Stella McCartney, Vaute Couture, and Hoodlamb demonstrating how gorgeous cruelty-free fashion can be, it’s clear that toxic and unsustainable materials are no longer necessary to stay stylish.

As McCartney recently told Vogue, “I’m hoping what will happen is in 10 years, people will look back at the fact that we killed billions of animals and cut down millions of acres of rain forest, and [used] water in the most inefficient way—we can’t sustain this way of living. So I’m hoping people will look back and say, ‘Really? That’s what they did to make a pair of shoes, seriously?’ If you’re lucky enough to have a business on this planet, you have to approach it in this [sustainable] way.”

To showcase this awesome industry, Seed is hosting the first-ever Catwalk -- a Night of Conscious Fashion on Friday, November 3rd. The evening will include two shows starring vegan celebs and models. One will feature some of the hottest names in cruelty-free high fashion, while the other will showcase more casual gear. There'll be a pop-up bazaar selling items straight from the runway -- plus there'll be a variety of craft beers, cocktails and vegan bites for purchase. All set to tunes by DJ Sasha!

The event runs from 9pm - Midnight at The Sacred Space Miami, 105 NE 24th St. on Friday, November 3rd. Tickets run $25 early bird, $30 regular price and can be purchased online.

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