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New James Cameron Doc Means You'll Never Again Wonder Where Vegans Get Their Protein

The Game Changers is about to (you guessed it) change the game. The new documentary is on its way into theaters across the globe and it’s going to put an end to that infamous question posed to vegans everywhere: where do you get your protein?

Directed by Louie Psihoyos and executive produced by vegan superstar James Cameron, the flick follows James Wilks, a special forces trainer, martial artist, and winner of The Ultimate Fighter, as he travels the globe looking for the truth behind the myth that eating meat is necessary for optimal performance.

The film shows him meeting incredible athletes and experts including special ops soldiers, scientists, Instagram famous celebrities, award-winning weightlifters, Olympians, and more. The flick features an array of all-star vegan athletes including Rip Esselstyn, Dotsie Bausch, Patrik Baboumian, Nimai Delgado, Kendrick Farris, and Tia Blanco, among others.

These high achievers are proof that plants have plenty of protein, and in fact that a plant-strong diet can improve athletic performance and give fitness folks an edge over their competitors. In the words of the UC Davis Integrative Medicine department: "Endurance athletes, strength athletes, runners, cyclists, fighters and more are achieving peak performance on a whole food, plant-based diet."

The film has yet to announce widespread U.S. release dates, but it's premiering at international festivals across the world including Sundance in early 2019. Check out some gems of wisdom from the flick's incredible cast:

“Most guys my age can’t keep up with their grandchildren. My grandchildren can’t keep up with me.” Lou Smith Former Cornerback, NFL

“Someone asked me, how could you get as strong as an ox without eating any meat? And my answer was, have you ever seen an ox eating meat?” Patrik Baboumian World Record-holding Strongman

“When I transitioned over to an entirely plant-based diet I became like a machine.” Dotsie Bausch Eight-time US National Cycling Champion

Wanna learn more about a plant-strong diet and its many benefits? Check out Seed LA's film festival night on Wednesday, May 23rd. Tickets are on sale now and the evening will include an array of eye-opening films about clean eating, the environment, human health, and lots of other need-to-know info.

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