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5 Signs That Plant-Based Eating Is the New Norm

Long gone are the days when ditching animal products was considered “weird.” This is a new era, and plants are dominating diets everywhere. People all over the world are getting in on the amazing health and wellness benefits of eating a plant-powered diet.

Seriously, you can’t turn on the TV or listen to a podcast without hearing about the benefits of this healthy, sustainable lifestyle. From Drake to Zac Efron to Gordon Ramsay, all the hottest stars are taking to garden-grown goodness.

Beyonce is on board.

C’mon — if Queen Bey is into vegan eating, you know it’s made it to the mainstream. With 22 Days Nutrition, she’s all about health and wellness. And her partner in all things plant-based, Marco Borges, will be at Seed Food & Wine Week LA! "What I discovered [when I eat vegan] was increased energy, better sleep, weight loss, improved digestion, clarity and an incredibly positive feeling for my actions and the effects it would have on those around me and the environment," Beyoncé said.

Veganism in the U.S. has soared 600% in the last three years.

600 PERCENT. BOOM. Seriously, that’s an insane amount of new plant eaters. According to Live Kindly, “Back in 2014, only 1% of Americans identified as vegan. However, statistics from last year showed that the figure had jumped to 6%.” Plant-based versions of meat, dairy, and eggs are taking over, and the market is shifting.

Millennials are all about that plant-based life.

According to the folks at Forbes, Millennials (those born between 1980 and 1999) are the generation that’s pushing the shift away from meat. In the article, Fiona Dyer, Consumer Analyst at GlobalData, said: “The shift toward plant-based foods is being driven by millennials, who are most likely to consider the food source, animal welfare issues, and environmental impacts when making their purchasing decisions.”

Fast casual spots are getting in on the action.

From Wahlburger (yes, as in Mark and fam) to Chipotle to Curry Up Now, fast casual chains — both regional and national — are adding more plant-based options to their menus in response to consumer demand. According to a Grub Hub report cited by Live Kindly, “In 2017, vegan takeout orders increased by 19 percent in restaurants from 1,200 cities across the United States and London, an all-time high for the company.”

Plant-based burgers are blowing up.

The Impossible Burger and the Beyond Burger are EVERYWHERE these days. They taste like meat, they look like meat, and they’re wayyyyy healthier than the animal alternative, but pack just as much protein. No wonder chains and stores across the country are jumping on board with these popular products! From White Castle to TGI Fridays, these burgers are all over the place.

Wanna dip your toe into a plant-based lifestyle? Learn everything you need to know (and eat all the deliciousness) at Seed Food + Wine Week LA next month! Snag some tickets today!

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