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Can't Find the Beyond Burger? Don't Worry, Production Is Ramping Up

The future is here, and it's meat-free! In some supermarkets, the wildly popular Beyond Burger, made by Beyond Meat, is outselling its beef counterparts -- so much so that the company has added new production facilities to meet growing demand.

So if you're having trouble finding the burger at your local grocer, that's why! Luckily, Brown said in a recent letter to customers that supply is ramping up and the Beyond Burger should be available everywhere again as of this month.

“Over the past few months Beyond Meat has seen increased demand for our flagship Beyond Burger product that has far exceeded even our most optimistic expectations," he wrote in a letter published by Live Kindly. "Due to this increased demand and some unforeseen technical mechanical issues we experienced at our 3rd party co-packer, we will have continued limits on our ability to supply shipments of The Beyond Burger to you."

"To address this issue Beyond Meat has commissioned three additional production facilities and a new Beyond Meat production facility located in Columbia, Missouri – all expected to be operational in June 2018. These new facilities will increase The Beyond Burger output by more than 200% within the next four weeks."

The company later told VegNews that it was opening a second facility in Columbia, Missouri, which would add 250 jobs and increase production of Beyond Meat products threefold.

“Our expanded 100,000 square-foot manufacturing footprint will provide the scale we need to service our rapidly growing retail, foodservice, and international customer base,” Beyond Meat Chief Operating Officer Mark Nelson told VegNews.

In an interview with Forbes, Beyond Meat CEO Ethan Brown said that in the five weeks up to April 17, 2018, in Southern California stores, the Beyond Burger was the number-one-selling patty in the meat case. “So we’re selling more than Angus beef, more than 80/20 beef, more than grass-fed beef, by unit,” he said.

The Impossible Burger, another uber-popular meatless patty made by Impossible Foods, reported that adding its burger to a restaurant menu increases guest headcount by up to 13% compared to restaurants in the same chain that don't offer the product.

"In addition, adding the Impossible Burger to a restaurant’s menu has increased gross sales by up to 30% year-over-year compared to restaurants in the same chain that do not have the burger," reported Impossible Foods in a press release. "The Impossible Burger has increased repeat customer visits by up to 30%."

It's clear that people are clamoring for these meatless eats! Because why not opt for something healthier, better for the environment, and just as delicious?!

If you're drooling at the thought of these patties on the grill, remember that you can taste some of the nation's best meat-free burgers at Seed Food + Wine Week's annual Plant-Based Burger Battle on November 8, 2018!

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