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Meditating Is Easier Than Ever and Here's How You Can Get Started

In our insanely fast paced world, meditation can seem super daunting. Sitting still for a half hour at a time? Or longer? That's just bananas.

But the joy of living in 2018 is that technology makes everything easier. And meditation is no exception.

There are a whole host of apps that are designed to help you quiet your mind a lot more quickly than if you sat and stared at the wall all by your lonesome. All you need is five to fifteen minutes a day and you can start reaping the benefits of a meditation practice.

Speaking of benefits, what are they, anyway? Everyone says meditation is good for you, but if you're wondering what that means exactly, here are some of the stats:

Science has shown that meditation can help ease depression and anxiety, help you lose weight, improve your memory, have better sleep, boost your immune system, strengthen your relationships, make your heart healthier, keep you younger, and get more creative. And that's not all!

Those are some pretty amazing results for a seriously minimal time investment.

Here are some apps to help you get started:


This uber-popular meditation app uses adorable animations to make mediation easy to understand and implement. There are hundreds of meditations available (including super short ones) addressing all kinds of subjects, each designed to help people make meditation a daily habit.

The app is also about teaching people to understand the process, and see meditation as an easy tool that everyone can use to improve their lives.


Currently the world's top meditation app, Calm helps teach you how to meditate, breathe, sleep, and relax. The subscription service offers a new meditation every day called "The Daily Calm," and also features unique options like Sleep Stories, where celebrities read soothing stories designed to help you catch some Zs.

Calm also offers a masterclass (with notables like Elizabeth Gilbert) and even sells its own sleep mist!

SOS Method

A recent addition to the meditation app lineup, this unique method combines music, tones, and guided speech and has actually been used around the world for decades. Its founder traveled the globe studying modern science and Eastern traditions and helping people in difficult situations.

The result is a program that offers different tracks and features like Discovery Programs for soothing relief, creativity, and more; Life Tools like the "Stop Drop and Roll" emergency strategy; and Daily Meditations that can help you sleep, amp up your energy, forgive others, and more.


If you're strapped for cash, Oak is a newer meditation app that's actually free. It offers meditations that start at five minutes, plus breathing exercises, white noise for sleeping, and male and female meditation instructors to choose from.

It's simple and easy, and when it comes to meditation -- isn't that the idea?

Boost your meditation skills this fall at Seed Food + Wine Week with the lovely Jennifer Grace, who'll lead guests through an incredible guided session at our Namaseed event! Check out Seed's events and buy tickets here.

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