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Fullei Fresh

The focus nowadays is on nourishing the body as a whole (mind, spirit, and body.) So many parts of our lives are intertwined and affect how we function and interact with the world. It is not enough to do one thing. We need to exercise, eat well, de-stress and calm the mind. Without taking care of ourselves as a whole, we are disjointed or incomplete.

With that in mind, Miami based sprout grower Fullei Fresh has launched The Fullei Fresh Marketplace. The company was started in 1978 and is the leading sprout grower in terms of variety, quality and food safety standards. They grow alfalfa, beet, broccoli, clover, daikon, mung bean, snow pea, soy, sunflower, wheatgrass, and so on. Fullei Fresh has always grown sprouts hydroponically indoors under controlled environments without the use of any additives, pesticides or preservatives. They were farming using organic methods way before it became popular.

With The Fullei Fresh Marketplace the aim is to foster a community of health and wellness by promoting a lifestyle centered on a clean, plant-based diet and holistic medicine. They are individuals seeking calm and a back to basics lifestyle where we can be whole despite the big city frenzy that surrounds us. It is more than just eating clean. It is about nourishing the body from all aspects.

Since April, The Fullei Fresh Marketplace has hosted free monthly events with guest speakers ranging from nutritionists to athletes to environmentalists. It is an opportunity for the community to gather, part-take and learn. The lectures are also shared through Fullei Fresh’s YouTube channel and on social media. It is about growing a community and spreading positivity in our journey to wholeness.

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