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Miami Dade Schools Roll Out Plant-Based Options

In recent years, South Florida has become a plant-based mecca for foodies nationwide. And now, the rise of healthy, delicious eats is extending to another population: kiddos!

The Miami Dade school system has announced that it's rolling out more healthy, plant-based options for thousands of children across South Florida.

"This year, we’re gonna be introducing a new plant-based vegan chili, cilantro and a chipotle brown rice," Miami-Dade County Public Schools food and nutrition officer Penny Parham told Local 10.

The county has always offered vegetarian options, but now they've added more vegan choices and will be featuring more locally-sourced fruits and vegetables.

Breakfast is free for all kids, every day, so families of all means can make the most of the new, plant-powered options!

“Yes it is healthy, it is nutritious, but we should be serving foods that kids actually like to eat,” Miami-Dade County Public Schools Superintendent Carvalho told CBS Miami.

Already, fruit is on the menu everyday, and officials will be updating the options online shortly.

Miami isn't the only place where plant-based options are on the rise for children. In California's Santa Barbara Unified School District, 50 percent of cafeteria meals are vegan.

Then there's the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Last year, the school board voted in favor of bringing healthy, plant-based options to L.A. schools in a pilot program led by students, parents, and doctors.

The future is plant-based, and Miami is helping to lead the way!

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