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Clove + Hallow: More than Just a Brand for Clean Cosmetics out of Principle

CLOVE + HALLOW Founder and CEO, Sarah Biggers, doesn’t just stand for clean cosmetics out of principle. She underwent her personal journey towards clean living many years ago after experiencing a debilitating illness that doctors couldn’t diagnose. Amongst a slurry of physical symptoms, Sarah was bedridden for six months with daily panic attacks and depression. Desperate to feel better, she went down a path she had never before considered: naturopathic medicine. Following her doctor’s recommendations for a complete overhaul through holistic medicine and dietary and lifestyle changes, Sarah saw swift improvement. It was then when she realized if what she put in her body was so impactful, what she put on her body was equally important. Moreover, as a makeup artist with clients, family, and friends looking to her for advice and product recommendations, Sarah knew she needed to rebuild her personal and professional makeup kits with safe products. But it wasn’t easy to find clean cosmetics from brands she could trust and that were up to her high standards. After unsuccessfully trying hundreds of clean alternatives to her beloved conventional staples, she realized what she was looking for simply didn’t exist: products in the clean beauty space were too limited in shade range, too sheer, and too expensive. So, Sarah dreamt up a line of clean, cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics that would work for women of all skin-tones; a line that looked and felt high-end but didn’t didn’t cost an arm and a leg; a line that promised (and delivered) transparency and trustworthiness; a line that makeup junkies, pros, and newbies alike could all enjoy. Just like that, CLOVE + HALLOW was born.

Our product ranges are created with inclusivity and representation at the forefront, garnering industry acclaim and praise from customers, editors, and influencers all over the world. Our products are Made in America, but we follow the EU’s more stringent formulation standards to deliver high quality products with high quality ingredients. Our Clean15™ formulation strategy replaces thousands of questionable chemicals with a well-researched roster of natural ingredients and safe synthetics that you can trust. Most importantly, our products are PETA-certified cruelty-free and vegan.

So whether you’re new to the nuances of cosmetics or a seasoned pro, CLOVE + HALLOW has something just for you.

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