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Our Top 5 New Year's Resolutions

New year, new world! At least, that's what we're hoping for. 😉

Here at Seed Food & Wine Week we're extremely optimistic about what's to come. The future is bright! We have so many plans for helping everyone embrace happier, healthier lives.

And while New Year's resolutions tend to be a bust when people put too much pressure on themselves, here are a few ideas we can get behind.

For our team, and for everyone else!

1. Give (and receive) more love.

Love is the answer, love always wins, and the world needs a whole lot more of it. We want to show love to ALL people, all animals, and our precious planet.

2. Drink more water.

Ok, this is an easy one, but how many of us actually drink anywhere near as much as we should? Our bodies are about 60% H20. Let's get better at hydrating ourselves, shall we?

3. Do more things that scare us.

Comfort zones are, well, comfortable. But nothing new or wonderful ever comes without leaving them. We can all find ways to stretch ourselves and

4. Meditate.

Most of us know that meditation is AMAZING for you. It can literally help make you younger, improve your health, ease anxiety, and optimize sleep, among other benefits. The lovely Jennifer Grace is our meditation guru (as anyone who's attended Seed knows), but there are plenty of ways and places to get started with a daily practice. There are apps for that! And YouTube videos.

5. Eat more plants.

Obviously! This is really the best thing we can all do to help ourselves, our fellow humans, the animals, and the planet itself. Plant power 2019! You can start by planning to attend Seed Food & Wine Week 2019. It's gonna be GREAT! And deciding to opt into a plant-based lifestyle is a great way to start the new year ... just sayin'.

Happy New Year, everyone, from the Seed family to yours!

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