The Sporks Sisters

Jenny Engel and Heather Goldberg have been innovators in the vegan food industry for the past decade. They have instructed tens of thousands of home cooks and chefs throughout their career and own the most popular vegan cooking school on the west coast. Authors of their first successful cookbook, Spork-Fed, which continues to receive national accolades in print and on television, has now been followed by their second cookbook, Vegan 101. As Chef Ambassadors for Follow Your Heart®, Spork Foods creates original recipes and unique, high quality cooking videos to demonstrate how to use Follow Your Heart® products. They also travel the country to trade shows and festivals, produce cooking demonstrations for television, organize and throw product launch parties, and host demonstrations and lunches at corporate events to engage consumers. Jenny and Heather give customers a chance to be inspired about Follow Your Heart® products and how to creatively use the products in their everyday lives.