At the age of 16, after taking a trip to Israel and seeing farm animals up close and personal, Valerie made the choice to become vegetarian. But then two years later, she went to school at the College of Charleston in South Carolina and completely fell in love with food, abandoning her vegetarian diet. Food became a big part of her identity and she would use any excuse to go out to eat with friends, trying new foods and sharing food experiences. It wasn't until moving back to Miami a few years later that Valerie shocked friends and family by going vegan after binge watching documentaries on Netflix spotlighting animal cruelty and the truth behind what we eat. She started traveling frequently to attend weddings, doing research for restaurants from Philadelphia to Jackson Hole. She realized just how diverse and extraordinary the vegan food scene was all over the country, which then inspired her to create @VeganTravelEats on Instagram. VTE allows her to share an exciting life and incredible food with people from around the world.

Fun Facts: Valerie loves a sassy vegan t-shirt and a good ol’ fashioned debate with a carnivore every now and then