Vegan Food Share was established in Spring of 2012 by Al & Dee Borja. 


We were inspired by attending our first vegan potluck, held by Lane Gold, author of Vegan Junk Food. At the time, my wife, Dee, and I were the only vegans we knew. So we felt this would be a great way to get introduced to what other vegans ate, while learning more about veganism through those who have far more experience than ourselves.


Instagram/social media wasn't really a big part of our lives but we felt we needed to be connected to a growing community of like minded individuals. We are inspired by those who have made the commitment to share the lifestyle and by those who inspire others as well. We have worked and interacted with various groups with vegan in mind and continue to contribute our knowledge and experience to the willing.


Al, a professional in the entertainment industry, has been vegan since 2009. Inspired to go vegan when a family member's health started to decline. Al's wife, Dee, an aspiring photographer, researched the reasons for poor declining health and quickly concluded consuming animal products was one of the factors. Al & Dee decided enough was enough and a drastic change needed to happen. It wasn't as easy for Al to go vegan overnight, but Dee's determination to get Al to eat more consciously, has inspired them to motivate others to pursue the vegan life. Al is continuing his work in the entertainment industry while influencing others to make the change. Dee is currently pursuing a career in photography.


Al & Dee are aspiring individuals looking for opportunities to involve others new to the lifestyle while introducing influencers from around the world through the Vegan Food Share platform.