Vidya Maharaj
Executive Chef at Diya Miami


In her first official role as Executive Chef, a position she says is her “true calling” and hobby, Vidya incorporates her background as a scientist into menu development, methodically and relentlessly testing and retesting recipes until perfection is achieved. Vidya is also instrumental in the restaurant’s operations, where she manages rigorous sanitation procedures. Raised as a vegetarian, Vidya created a menu that boasts a colorful array of flavorful vegetarian dishes highlighting Indian notes that all palates can embrace. She continues to thrive in a corporate world during the day as VP of a research and development firm for pharmaceutical approvals. Her nights consist of mastering the kitchen with her team and dishing out unique and creative dishes to her customers and celebrities. Her passion is fusing food from different cultures with Indian spices; nothing is off-limit, from Italian to Spanish cuisine. She hopes to inspire women to believe nothing is impossible. She eloquently tells her story of how many had asked her which of her careers will suffer, and she often replied with “none.’ She is the new superwoman of empowerment for women looking to shatter glass ceilings.