Vivianne Guarisma

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Hi, I am Vivianne, I am 34 years old and I’m originally from Venezuela.


My passion for baking started at a very early age, as my dad had a couple of coffee shops, where my siblings and I spent a lot of time after school. We got to spend lots of hours in the kitchen and everything about the baking process was fascinating to me. 


As I got older I took several baking classes, I  perfectioned my skills creating baked goods for birthdays parties, quinceañeras, and many other events. I took pride in putting all my love,  passion and dedication into every single dessert, but there was something that became very daunting as I became older, and more conscious about the ingredients that go into baking and its effects on people. 


I struggled with overweight and what felt like a food and sugar addiction, I had psoriasis and other clear signs that my body was reacting to something that was not natural; so I began my journey to heal myself and share the healing with others. 


I wanted to create baked goods that were not harming for the body, I switched to a plant based diet, learned more about the food industry and its poisonous ways, and that only fueled my passion to make treats with clean and wholesome ingredients, taking into consideration my love and compassion for the animals and the planet. 

This amazing journey brought me to become the founder of Vivianne's Plant Based Bakery. I am the heart and mind behind all these cruelty-free, organic, and vegan desserts made with lots of love. 


I am now very proud to create delicious desserts; taking into consideration that our body is our temple, and we must nourish it with the cleanest, high-quality ingredients and good vibes.