We are committed to creating a Zero Waste Event, and have joined forces with volunteer students to implement a comprehensive program.


Please join us in building a more sustainable Miami. 


This year we are



  1.  Drastically reducing printed invitations and marketing materials and using digital media instead

  2. Working with Docuvision to print only with recycle and biodegradable papers and soy inks

  3. Working with Waste Management  who will provide waste stations (recycle, compost, landfill), volunteer students will man and educate attendees

  4. Composting with Fertile Earth

  5. Use bio-bags or plant-based plastic bags for compost, recycling, and landfill bins.

  6. Be a no-plastic straw event

  7. Require all exhibitors and sponsors to utilize green/eco products for sampling 

  8. Offer complimentary shuttle on Festival Day from the BRIGHTLINE

  9. Offer discounts to all attendees who bike to the festival

10. All leftover perishable and non-perishable foods will be donated to the Miami Mission and Feeding America

11. Purchased Solar Energy credits with FPL

12. No styrofoam or balloons allowed

13. No balloons at the events

14. Use of local suppliers whenever possible

15. Source local and seasonal ingredients

16. Use recycled, sustainable, up-cycled goods in design and decor of the festival including up-cycled pallet walls

17. Working with TerraPass to offset remaining Carbon Footprint